We believe The Church of Christ Jesus is the answer to restoring communities, so our assignment is to empower people to pursue God’s presence and discover their purpose in the earth. We believe the Church of Christ Jesus is the only true church, we our many members but Christ will return for only ONE CHURCH; His Church. Hope for ONE future. 




Equipping leaders by making disciples for the development of forward-thinking, effective 21-century missions strategies for both local and global missions. We have a Global Vision and Local Mission.

Rom.15:6 ~ 1 Tim. 2:5 ~ John 17:11 ~ Eph. 4:5-6 ~ Mal. 2:10 ~ 1 Cor. 12:12


  • Commitment to Kingdom Principles | Matthew 6:33

  • Commitment to Community and Diversity

  • Commitment to Holistic Living

  • Commitment to Excellence

  • Commitment to Family




Meet our lead team! 



legacyIn June of 1961, Bishop Abney was elected pastor of the Bethel Pentecostal Church, located at 556 Eastern Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan. After extensive remodeling and steady growth, a new edifice was built on the same site. The Lord continued to bless the ministry and the congregation grew rapidly, and the church remained at this location for only five years before buying a new edifice at 200 Madison Avenue.